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PMFList Yearbooks and Topics

PMF Yearbooks contain the vast majority of the questions posted to the PMFList followed by answers provided by other PMFList participants for the given years.

This page contains links to pages that list the topics included within specific Yearbooks. The topics are listed in chronological order, meaning that the material from January comes first, and that from December is last. A consequence of this is that some of the questions posed in December have replies appearing in the subsequent Yearbook. Details pertaining to the arrangement of materials in the Yearbooks are contained in the Preface for each Yearbook.  A sample from the first Yearbook (2010) is available HERE. Note that it contains the first 127 pages out of 388, so clicking on the page number under Toics beyond 127 will not take you to the listed page. Please note the General caveat at the bottom of the Prefaces.

Yearbook Topic Pages [will be added to on a regular basis as the books are being constructed, "coming attractions", if you will]